The Real Life Podcast Ep. 353 — Horseracing, Harambe and the All-Star recap

Real Life Podcast
1 year ago
We are back!

A slightly depleted, yet still passionate gang got together to smash record on Real Life Episode 353. Tyler is avoiding the grind, BaggedMilk is tied up being a busy bee, and Chalmers was, well… somewhere. So Wanye and Jay were joined by Woz in the producer chair while Nation Network News Director Zach Laing filled a seat.
Much like always, the show got derailed from the get-go with Zach, Jay and Wanye talking about a condo and horseracing before it spiraled into a deep conversation about the Super Bowl and Harambe. RIP Harambe.
They also talked about Trevor Zegras and the all-star game, before tying the episode up with some Oilers talk. Will they make a trade? Should Edmonton move Tyson Barrie? Can Mike Smith and Mikko Koskinen hold the fort the rest of the way?
Listen to the Monday episode of Real Life:

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