We are down one Baggedmilk this week on the Real Life Podcast, so the remaining cast filled the time with all things Chalmers, Wanye and The Squire.
Jay and Chalmers’ rec league team won their championship game this past week and had a short-lived celebration with the cup. They dive into this past week in Rivendell or Dragonville or whatever it is called on their favourite show “Game Of Thrones.” ***SPOILER WARNING*** if you haven’t seen Episode 3, skip ahead to 46:30. While on the topic of the entertainment world, we also discuss Avengers: Endgame (No Spoilers) and its record-setting opening weekend.
Since we are only days away (hopefully) from finding out who our new GM will be, the boys quickly talk about that before moving on to the new building and some snags early on in the construction. All in all another banger from the Real Life Crew.
Check it out below:
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