A new week means a new episode of the Real Life Podcast, and today’s edition is jam-packed with all of the auditory stimulation you could ever ask for. This week, the boys talk about Ken Holland’s appointment as GM, fans being poisonous, and run through their most embarrassing stories just because you asked.
To kick off this week’s podcast, the boys start with Ken Holland’s hiring as the new Edmonton Oilers GM and work through the pros and cons of his appointment. Looking at his overall body of work with the Detroit Red Wings, there are certainly reasons why some fans might feel concerned and other reasons why they should be excited so the guys try and work through both sides of the equation. From there, they look at the notion of Edmonton Oilers fans being poisonous and whether or not that is a fair assessment of the situation around here. Lastly, the guys finish this week’s show by answering listener questions, including the most embarrassing moments that have ever happened and the origin story of Oilersnation. If you’re reading this right now, there is no doubt that this is an episode you will want to have in your earholes.
Check out this week’s episode below:
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