Welcome, citizens, to a brand new Monday episode of the Real Life Podcast to get your week started. On today’s show, we preview tonight’s game against the Chicago Blackhawks, the podcast hockey pool, betting, and a whole lot more.
To start off today’s podcast, the guys recapped Saturday’s game and looked at some of the issues that need to be correct ahead of Game 2. From the goaltending to the defensive coverage to competing at 5-on-5, the Oilers will need to improve every aspect of their game if they have any hopes of tying up the series. From there, the guys looked at Adrian Dater’s hot take that Connor McDavid’s “bland personality” does not inspire his teammates, which has to be one of the most laughably ridiculous opinions of all time. Perhaps that’s why he deleted the tweet, huh? Next up, we looked at some of the bets the boys have been putting down on the playoffs so, including the weird prop bets and tactics they’ve employed to try and win themselves some money. Lastly, they wrapped up this week’s podcast with a look around the NHL and chatted about which series have been the most exciting to watch so far.
Listen to the Monday edition of Real Life below:
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