It’s a lovely Monday afternoon in the capital city and your day is about to get better now that there’s a fresh episode of the Real Life Podcast ready to help you get through the week. On today’s show, the guys covered Yaremchuk’s hero status, the Oilers’ to-do list, betting, and a whole lot more.
To start off the Monday episode of Real Life, the boys jumped in with a quick update about Tyler being a hero and how things are looking at his in-law’s house after last week’s flood. As it turns out, the damage may have been more serious than initially expected, which prompted another round of jokes about whether or not Yaremchuk can truly carry the hero title. From there, the conversation turned to the Buffalo Sabres who have been absolutely terrible this season and whether or not we’re allowed to make fun of them right now. Back to the Oilers, the guys walked through Josh Park’s photoshop from this morning about a potential Oilers to-do list for the upcoming months/offseason, but as you would expect, the guys couldn’t even get through their answers before the topic changed to curling and then disc golf. And even when Tyler tried his best to steer the conversation back to one of the many topics he had prepared for the day, his co-hosts were clearly having none of it and the results were hilarious.
Listen to the Monday episode of Real Life below:
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