Edmonton Oilers trade Mark Letestu to the Nashville Predators for Pontus Aberg

It has happened, Mark Letestu’s time as an Oiler is finally over. He has been traded to the Nashville Predators for forward, Pontus Aberg. 

Mark Letestu and Patrick Maroon were told by management to pack “heavy” during their current road trip and now we see why. Of the last couple of weeks, all signs pointed to these guys being moved, and the Letestu trade was the first shoe to drop.

Powerplay specialist, Mark Letestu hasn’t put up numbers like he has last year, but to be fair, nobody has been playing as well for the Oilers this year. The Elk Point boy has scored eight goals and 11 assists this year which is a little under pace from what he’s done in the previous season. I will miss yelling “LETESTUBE” at my TV and of course chanting his names in bars whenever he scores.

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Coming back to the Oilers is left winger, Pontus Aberg. Pontus has put up two goals and eight assists with the Preds in 37 games this year and played four games in the AHL earlier in the season. Although I don’t know much about Aberg, it looks like he’s known to score some pretty fancy goals whenever he does score.

Looks like Wikipedia also dubs him as “The Pope” for some reason…. so that’s something we can work with, right? Thanks to FatDad on Twitter for finding this. Pontus Aberg currently has a $650K cap hit for two more years, so it frees up a little bit of cap space by moving Letestu out.

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What do you guys think of the move? We were all expecting Letestu to get traded at the deadline but is Pontus Aberg worth it? Let me know in the comments.


I hope you didn’t order your Letestu Predators jersey because it appears that Nashville has just flipped Mark Letestu to the Columbus Blue Jackets for a fourth-round pick in this year’s draft. Good luck in Ohio, Mark! Here are some of his comments regarding his eventful morning:

Source: Edmonton Oilers, Official Twitter Account, 2/26/2018 – 10:30am MST

  • RIP

    This is great. Yes I remember the playoffs last year and yes this is a good deal for the Oil. Aberg is incredibly talented. He is better than the results this year so far. Helps with speed, age, cap and skill. The sum of these smaller trades can make a big difference.

  • Still Hate the Flames

    My somewhat limited vocab tells me “pontiff” is another word for pope, hence the nickname,I assume. Either that or he likes wearing funny hats. Or maybe he’s never wrong about anything ever. I guess we’ll find out.

  • Karl Canada

    Bye bye Lazy Letestu. Go stand around and cover nobody in your own end for another team. We no longer have to agonize with watching him stand around and defend like a fence post with one hand on his stick.

      • Kr55

        Don’t think he was lazy. Just…not very good at hockey. Just throws the puck away as soon as he gets it all the time in our zone. Glad to be done with that. Although we still have Lucic doing the exact same thing still for many times more cap hit.

      • Karl Canada

        Absolutely for real. The guy gets a little success in the previous season and then thinks that he’s too good to skate hard. I don’t know what some of these “modern” nhl’ers are thinking but coasting around with listless effort isn’t how to play the game. I’ve watched the oilers the entire season and from what I see they’ve played well enough to win a playoff game only a few times. Most of the time they’ve won this season they’ve been less pathetic than the team that lost.

  • ed from edmonton

    So Oil presumably could have cut out the middle man and traded Letestu for a 4th rounder. Auberg a better chance of playing for the Oil than a 4th rounder that has about a 70% chance of never playing an NHL game. It would appear that the Preds wanted to dump a contract, likely picking someone up be the deadline. Will Auberg help the Oil, I have no idea.

    • ed from edmonton

      If Letestu can get a guy that would appear to have a good chance of being as good as or better than some on the Oil roster (Comparable might be Caggulia/Sleppy) I would expect that Maroon can get something more interesting. Perhaps a similar type player plus a pick.

    • Karl Canada

      The Swiss Army knife that couldn’t find it within himself to play hard. Marty Reasoner was a true Swiss Army knife that played hard every single shift.

  • Svart kaffe

    Better return than I thought it would be. I would rather have Åberg on my team than a middle/late pick in the hands of Oilers scouting. He could help next season, a 4th round pick would be at least 3 years away from making the team, if at all.

    Very happy with this return. The best of luck to Letestu though!

  • acesaaron

    Decent trade for Letestu and more than I thought he’d get. Aberg sounds like Pitlick from a few years ago (tweeter getting a couple games here and there). Hopefully he turns a corner but still not happy we let Pitlick go for nothing.

  • Old school

    It wasn’t Marks fault that he was miscast on the special teams . His poor deployment more a indictment of Todd’s more judgement . A limited 4 th Line journeyman too slow for either special team play he was Todd’s man crush and the team was the poorer for it . We need new coaching

  • XL Lebowski

    Really hoping for a win with this trade. Gonna miss Letestu’s leadership though. I heard he was well liked in the dressing room. An important element for building the right kind of winning chemistry that this franchise sorely lacks and has lacked for over a decade. Hoping for success for new Oiler Aberg and for future coach Letestu from the great town of Elk Point.