GDB 35.0 Wrap Up: Oilers waste five PP chances, get phantom goal against, lose 4-1 to St. Louis

Gross. Final Score: 4-1 Blues

After Sunday night’s disaster in Vancouver, a game that was derailed by penalties and a non-existent penalty kill, I was very interested to see how the Oilers were going to rebound tonight against the Blues. Would they be able to shake off Sunday’s blunder and move on, or would the frustration felt by some of the players carry over? Personally, I was betting on a comeback effort and oh how I was wrong. Considering the year the St. Louis is having, the Blues are a team that the Oilers need to find a way to beat every single time and while they were able to do that in the first round, I still remember how poorly they started that game. In that game, the Oilers had a brutal opening 20 minutes before turning on the jets and completing the comeback so when they fell behind again tonight, I was hoping for a dose of deja vu. Instead, what I got was two former Oilers coming back to shoot holes in our dinghy.

Even though the Oilers weren’t quite as bad early on as they were the last time these teams met, they certainly didn’t get the opening push they wanted. As the game progressed, Edmonton found a way to settle down a little bit and get some work done with their cycle down low, which got the Blues scrambling to point of taking penalties. As the Blues started parading to the penalty box I was sure that a corner was being turned and the goals would come. I was sure that the Oilers would make good on the chances that they didn’t get in Vancouver on Sunday. Unfortunately, the Oilers’ powerplay couldn’t have been more useless on a night when they needed it the most, and it probably cost them the game. Had they been able to get anything done then maybe we wouldn’t have had to care as much about the ridiculous phantom goal that Maroon scored, or the final nail in the coffin that Tarasenko put home a few minutes later.

Who knew that having your special teams fail so miserably would make it so hard to win?

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The wrap.


  • Jesse Puljujarvi tied the game up at one apiece after he found himself a quiet spot in the Blues’ defensive coverage and teed off a one-timer that surprised Allen. A big shout out goes to Jujhar Khaira for the nifty little pass that set Puljujarvi up to blast off.
  • I liked Darnell Nurse’s game again tonight. I find that he’s doing a good job of picking his spots to jump into the rush and his skating makes him hard to contain. Nurse had another big minute night, finishing with a team-high 28:42.
  • I don’t know that he’s quite ready yet, but I’ve really liked the way that Caleb Jones has played over these last two games and I was pumped to see him get his first NHL point tonight. With each shift, he looks more and more comfortable out there and the way he uses his speed to get himself to the right spot is fun to watch.
  • Cam Talbot was making his first start since the OT loss to Winnipeg and I was curious to see how he’d handle it. While a lot of people will probably talk about the tough angle goal that Perron scored, the reality is that Talbot kept his team in the game longer than they probably deserved to be. Had it not been for him then this one would have been out of reach long before it was, especially early. I know he’ll take heat in the comments section but I don’t believe Cam Talbot was the issue tonight as much as the team in front of him. Dadbot finished the night with 26 saves and a .897 save%.
  • Some people might care that the Oilers outhit the Blues 34-21, but I don’t. I see that as them chasing the puck more often than not, but I figured I would include the numbers anyway.


  • David Perron opened the scoring (of course he did) with a ridiculous shot from a sharp angle that couldn’t have been placed any better, but probably shouldn’t have gone in. That said, I have a hard time blaming Talbot for this one considering how perfectly placed it was but I know people are going to jump on him for it anyway.
  • Apparently, you don’t have to see the puck go in the net to have it count as a goal anymore. Absolutely ridiculous. As if a phantom goal give the Blues the lead wasn’t enough, it was credited to Patrick Maroon because of course it was.
  • Vladimir Tarasenko put the Blues up by two goals after Jujhar Khaira got the boot for cross-checking Dunn in the head and putting the visitors on an extended PP. I don’t think I have to tell anyone here how annoying it was to have the Blues score on the powerplay after the Oilers looked so useless with their own but I’m going to mention it anyway as a means to vent.
  • Even though they were down by two goals and spent 10 useless minutes with the man advantage, the Oilers decided to pull the goalie for an extra attacker. As you’d expect, Jaden Schwartz scored for the Blues.
  • The powerplay was an absolute disaster tonight. In five opportunities, the Oilers didn’t come anywhere close to getting what could be considered a legitimate chance to score. In 10 minutes of powerplay time, the Oilers only got four shots on net and that is every shade of awful. The best thing you could say about the powerplay is that it provided an effective way to run time off the clock.
  • Not to be left out, the penalty kill allowed another goal tonight and finished the night at 1/3. It was an all-around brutal night for the special teams.
  • Getting outshot 30-23 when you’ve had 10 minutes with the man advantage is absolutely nauseating.
  • Gross loss tonight and I am very unhappy about having to eat beets again. As always, you can join in the conversation over on my Twitter account.



08:12 St. Louis David Perron (11) ASST: Jay Bouwmeester (5), Brayden Schenn (12) 1-0


07:25 Edmonton Jesse Puljujarvi (3) ASST: Jujhar Khaira (11), Caleb Jones (1) 1-1


02:19 St. Louis Pat Maroon (2) ASST: Robert Thomas (8), Tyler Bozak (10) 2-1
11:43 St. Louis PPG – Vladimir Tarasenko (10) ASST: Brayden Schenn (13), Jaden Schwartz (11) 3-1
18:09 St. Louis EN – Jaden Schwartz (3) ASST: Brayden Schenn (14), Ryan O’Reilly (19) 4-1


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Source: NHL, Official Game Page, 12/18/2018 – 9:45 pm MST

  • bringbacktheRIG

    I think Caleb Jones looks like a real bright spot for the oil. Smart player, great skater, keeps calm under fire, and looks like he could have some offensive upside.
    As far as the power play goes, 0/5 will not win you games in this league. They need to start penetrating the middle, rather than keeping pucks on the perimeter.
    Gravel and Garrison are AHL players and do not belong on the ice with this team. Let’s hope that Sekera, Klef, and Russell bring back some depth on the back end when they return from injuries.

    • OilersBro

      It’s the same thing, circle the puck around the outside and shoot without an angle that probably gets blocked. One thing I noticed, the puck has to move faster. When you move the puck, the d shifts. But when you recieve the puck, hold it, make a decision, and then pass, the D can just follow it around quite easily. Nurse has to get quicker and moving it from McDavid to Nuge and instead of standing still, the rest of the PP has to move quicker away from the puck. It’s not hard, pass and move when you have the quickest player in the league

  • camdog

    I was worried about last night’s game due to the numbers games they’ve played lately. Hitch finally is going to get some practices in. We will have to see if the powerplay gets changed up a bit. Wins or loses for this team are linked to powerplay, it needs to score for them to win.

  • Kevwan

    Hitch getting a few days to practice with the team and judging by the last couple of days the special teams need it.

    If they insist on setting up the PP with Connor on the right hand side then 2 things need to happen: Connor needs to shoot more and they need a right hand shot to play on the opposite side. They will score some goals because of the word class talent on the PP but that unit will never reach it’s potential until they make changes.

  • KennyG

    Goalie rotation was backwards last 2 games. Give credit when due but come on Hitch. Koskinen 100% at home and on the bench?? Give the team the best chance to win. Period. Oh ya and thanks PC for the depth on this team and all the great trades you’ve made. hohoho #%$%$%#%k sakes

    • Glencontrolurstik

      I’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy holiday to you & yours… This is definitely a time of joy & merriment. So with that in mind, I am going to try to disconnect from the Oilers for a few weeks… Last nights game was an abysmal effort by the team in which they should have secured 2 points easily. They, as a team have obviously checked out as well… I can’t let the fact that the effort put forth pissed me off beyond belief & this holiday season is not conducive to that kind of emotion. I really don’t think we have a team as unskilled as everyone says as they have showed us they have the tools… I just can’t stand the lack of commitment & it’s affecting me as a fan…
      Happy Holidays to you all, I wish we could all get together for a “toddy” or something?

  • OilersBro

    Even though his penalty was the final nail in the coffin, I loved what Khaira brough yesterday. Great puck possession and vision on Jesse’s goal, a couple of great chances himself including a post, and the fact that he didn’t take any sh*t when Dunn hit him. I’d like to see him get some PP2 time. I mean we literally can’t get any worse on that line.