The Nation Network partners with PuckPedia.com

The Nation Network is proud to announce a new partnership with PuckPedia.com in an effort to bring you the most up to date salary cap information and tools that you could ever hope to find in one place.

If there’s one thing we know about hockey fans, it’s that they have an insatiable appetite for information. Thankfully, this new partnership with PuckPedia will not only scratch that itch for Nation citizens, but also provide them with plenty of new tools and information that they simply won’t find anywhere else. Effective today, NHLNumbers.com will now operate under PuckPedia.com, with all links and articles redirecting to PuckPedia. This change will allow for further development of new and existing features to be developed on PuckPedia without losing all of the content and articles you’ve come to know at NHLNumbers.

So what will PuckPedia be bringing to the table? Plenty. From the PuckPedia Launch:

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PuckPedia launched in 2018 and has everything a hockey fan needs all in one place. You’ll find Player Contracts, Player & Team Salary Cap info, Basic & Advanced Stats, the latest transactions and injury news, draft historybuyout calculators, game previews, top team voices to follow, and news feeds. PuckPedia is the exclusive home of the Agent Leader-Board showing total NHL contracts by Agent and provides the list of clients for each NHL Agent. The Player Dashboard lets you filter, sort, and slice and dice players based on a multitude of criteria, and easily share or embed the results. The Ask the Capologist provides useful CBA information and a chance to have your Salary Cap & CBA questions answered. PuckPedia is your one-stop for hockey information.

For all of us at The Nation Network, this is an exciting day as we launch this new partnership which will greatly boost the resource material available to our readers. For us, it’s important to provide our readers with the most up to date and accurate resources that we possibly can and today’s announcement is a big step in that direction. We hope you all take a few minutes to venture over to PuckPedia and start playing around as we know that you’ll have a great time playing will all of the tools and features that are already available.

  • The Rookie

    Playing around on PuckPedia. So if I read this right, a Milan Lucic buyout after his signing bonus would cost $5million actual dollars over 8 years but Cap hits of 3.625, 5.625, 4.125, 5.625, .625, .625, .625, .625 for a total of $21.5M. All along I’ve been thinking that a double trade (retain and trade, 2nd team retains some more and then trades again) was the only way to get rid of Lucic. But now I think he holds more value to a budget team as merely a buyout candidate. Not enticing by itself but with the right sweetners. I think that would be more promising for a team than just bringing him on board for 4 years. If Lucic knew a trade to (let’s just say) Ottawa was just for buyout, he would presumably agree to waive knowing he could then sign with a team he wants to play for, if a new contract can be worked out, and he still gets the buyout $$