OEG pushing safety and player experience in bid to be an NHL hub city

According to TSN’s Ryan Rishaug, the Oilers Entertainment Group continue to push with their hub city big by focusing on both the safety of the players as well as lifestyle elements that would make their stay in the city a little bit more welcoming.

Based on the tweet from Ryan Rishaug, the Oilers Entertainment Group is making their final push to convince the NHL to use our city as a hub for the 24-team playoff tournament that will hopefully take place later on in the summer. From making arrangements for all players to stay at the JW Marriot to private days on local golf courses to mountain getaways for families, the OEG is doing what they can to try and give the players the best possible experience our city has to offer. Whether or not these upgrades to their pitch will make any difference for what the league finally decides has yet to be seen, but it seems as though we’re finally getting closer to finding out where the 24-team playoff tournament will actually take place. That said, our own Tyler Yaremchuk tweeted that he has heard from varying sources that the league may have already decided to place their hub cities in Vancouver and Vegas.

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As always, we wait…