Oilersnation is ready for the Battle of Alberta!

It’s official ladies and gentlemen: The Hockey Gods have answered the prayers of many fans across the league.

As Oilersnation, we already know that the Battle of Alberta is crazy in the regular season but now some of us are about to see what this rivalry brings in the playoffs for the first time in our lives!

Side note: I wasn’t born yet the last time these two teams played in the playoffs. This is going to be EPIC.

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I mean who wouldn’t want the Battle of Alberta in the playoffs when there’s a potential for more moments like this:

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Okay, so I know a “real” Oilers fan would never cheer for the Flames. However, I have to selfishly admit that I was praying that Calgary would beat Dallas so I could witness the chaos of these two teams meeting in the second round.

It turns out that I wasn’t the only one thinking this way! It’s safe to say the Twittersphere blew up once Johnny Gaudreau netted the OT winner for the Flames and we all knew what was coming next.

Here are some of my favourite tweets!

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And while we’re here, should we be concerned for the province as a whole?

(Oilersnation, please talk to me in the comments! What’s the worst that can happen?!)

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But I think Baggedmilk has the biggest concern of them all:

(If you don’t already follow this guy on Twitter, you’re missing out!)

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Alright Oilersnation, how are we feeling? Tell me your predictions and how you’re preparing for the second round of the playoffs! Sound off in the comments!