#1 Seeds Losing: Flames/Lightning Could Set Record

The unpredictability of the NHL playoffs is what makes it so great. How many people predicted the Columbus Blue Jackets would defeat the Tampa Bay Lighting? Very few, and I suspect none had them winning in four games over the 62-win Lightning. The Blue Jackets trailed 3-0 after the first period of game one, but…


Oilers are Broken: What needs Fixing?

Bob Nicholson has already interviewed a handful of candidates for the vacant GM job, with plans to talk to a few more men this month. Hiring a new GM is an important step for the Oilers, but one person will not fix all that ails them.


Do the Oilers need a POHO?

In an interview on my radio show three weeks ago Bob Nicholson said he was only looking for a GM at this time. He reiterated that at his end-of-season press conference this past Monday. Earlier today Southampton Football Club announced Ralph Krueger’s contract as Chairman of their club would not be extended, and many in…


At The Top

It goes without saying we’re not going to get a look at CEO Bob Nicholson’s short list of candidates to take over as general manager of the Edmonton Oilers. I’m just as interested to know how many potential candidates out there have Edmonton on top of their short list of destinations. Not many, I bet….


The Way I See It

Whether you’re talking hockey, business or anything else in life, I’ve always put a lot more faith in people who tend to under-promise and over-deliver than those with a track record of doing the opposite. I suppose you can put that approach in the “talk is cheap” category.


At Random: Awkward

Awkward. That’s the first word that came to mind for me as the camera panned team representatives gathered at the NHL Draft Lottery Tuesday. In that group, looking like a bunch of guys waiting for the results of a paternity test on the Jerry Springer Show, sat Keith Gretzky, interim GM of the Edmonton Oilers….


GM SEARCH: Pros and Cons

As Bob Nicholson continues one of the longest GM searches in the NHL history I decided to take a look at the pros and cons for a manager in the mix for the Oilers gig.


The Nuge Abides

Nobody on the Oilers has been through what Ryan Nugent-Hopkins has been through. There is a reason everyone loves The Nuge, he’s a survivor. As the longest-serving player in the most dysfunctional franchise in the league Nugent-Hopkins has seen some serious shit over the first eight years of his NHL career.


MOCK DRAFT 1.0 – Post Lottery Edition

Things didn’t go the way the Oilers had hoped on Tuesday night but their options with the 8th overall pick are wide open. Over the next two months, I’ll certainly take a look at moving up, moving down and trading the pick entirely but along the way, you will also get a number of Mock…


Happy 4th Connorversary everybody

Can you believe it’s been four years since the Oilers summoned the dark Gord to give them the luck needed to win the Connor McDavid lottery? It was on this day, back in 2015, that Bill Daly flipped over the golden ticket, showing the Oilers logo as the future home of Connor McDavid.


WWYDW: The Jordan Eberle Redemption Tour

In just a couple of years, Jordan Eberle has gone from playoff scapegoat to playoff hero. He was invisible during the Oilers playoff run back in 2017, failing to record a goal over the course of 13 games, but he was instrumental in the Islanders’ shocking sweep of the Penguins, racking up four goals.


Nation Donair Tour – Cosmic Pizza

After a bit of a hiatus, we’re back for a very special edition of the Nation Donair Tour. This time, we hit up Cosmic Pizza, located just a few steps away from Rogers Arena, to see if it was an adequate place to grab a post-game donair.



As the 2018/19 season ends for the Edmonton Oilers it might be worth taking a moment and discussing something that has been talked about a lot of late — the culture of the Edmonton Oilers and what it means to be an Oiler.


Stanley Cup Bracket Challenge: Oilersnation Staff Picks

The playoffs are underway and believe it or not, the Oilers are not in them. In the meantime, us lonely Oiler fans have to find other interesting things to keep us entertained. For example, looking forward to the draft lottery, looking forward to the golf season, and hoping for some entertaining playoff games even though…


Remembering Humboldt

I will not forget the Humboldt Broncos. Nor will you. Nor will the millions of Canadians across this country. Because what happened 365 days ago has been seared into the memory of every Canadian and many more around the world.


GDB 62.0 Wrap Up: Leon Draisaitl — so hot right now

It’s no surprise that Leon Draisaitl is an elite NHL forward. With his two-goal performance enroute to a loss for the McDavid-less Oilers against the Nashville Predators, Draisaitl is now pacing for 50 goals in only his fifth NHL season. The 50 goal mark is one that hasn’t been seen in Edmonton in decades —…


Oilers stand pat on deadline day, team sets groundwork for future deals

On a day where the Edmonton Oilers could’ve moved assets like Zack Kassian, Alex Chiasson, Alex Petrovic and Matt Benning, just to name a few, the team opted to instead stand pat. Interim GM Keith Gretzky made it clear during his post-deadline press conference that the team did, however, set groundwork for moves down the…


GDB 19.0 Wrap-Up: Heartbreak at the Battle Royale

Oilersnation finds itself in a pickle a few times a year, when the faithful members of the site head down to Calgary for the Battle of Alberta and inevitably have to turn to their sketchy, polarizing emergency backup to write the game recap. There was some internet drama and a bit of a creative circumvention…


GDB 1.0 Wrap-up: Can’t save ’em at the Scandinavium

Final Score: New Jersey Devils 5, Edmonton Oilers 2 Trade is one for one: Adam Larsson for Taylor Hall. — Bob McKenzie (@TSNBobMcKenzie) June 29, 2016 THE RUNDOWN The New Jersey Devils are one of a handful of teams around the NHL that are going through an existential goaltending crisis. Starter Cory Schneider is still…


Farewell to Laurent Brossoit, the backup that never panned out

When the Edmonton Oilers picked up goaltender Laurent Brossoit in the trade that sent defender Laddy Smid to the Calgary Flames, the first few years post-trade seemed like a home run for the Oil in a slew of years that didn’t pan out. Of course, things didn’t work out quite the way they looked like…


Oilers can clear money if they get creative

Baggedmilk dug into whether the Oilers can clear salary or not on Monday. He outlined movable and anchor contracts. It will be difficult. The Oilers can move salary, but only if they get creative. The organization needs to systematically change how they think and operate if they want to get out of salary-cap jail.


GDB 82.0 Wrap up: #L50N, #PrayforMcDavid, Oilers win 3-1 in Calgary

Game 82! It’s over. This isn’t the season anyone wanted, but it’s done. Now we can return to hoping they finally get things right, make the necessary changes in management, and surround Connor McDavid with the talent he god damn deserves. McDavid’s injury is pretty much the exact thing you don’t want to happen in…


GDB 72.0 Wrap Up: Kosk-and-in, Oilers lose 6-3 in Vegas

I love watching the Vegas Golden Knights. They are one of the best stories in sports the past couple years and should be talked about way more. This is an expansion team and they’ve been much better than the Edmonton Oilers who have been rebuilding for, well, ever. Maybe we’re seeing future Oilers GM Kelly…