Health, Instant Chemistry and Suddenly a Dangerous Second Line

On November 30th after a solid first two months the Oilers were 16-9-3, in first place in the Pacific Division and fifth overall in the NHL. But when the calendar turned to December, the Oilers started sliding like a car without winter tires. The results were ugly. In the first 30 days of December the…


Jones Discusses His New Contract

Caleb Jones signed a two-year extension yesterday with an AAV of $850,000. He will make $800,000 next season and $900,000 in 2021/2022. Jones has played 23 games this season and 40 in his NHL career, but he has looked more comfortable each game. He’s played mainly on the right side — his off-side — which…


Woodcroft discusses Benson, Bouchard, McLeod and More

Edmonton Oilers GM Ken Holland vowed to be patient with young prospects and not bring them up to the NHL until they were ready to contribute. Since being recalled from the AHL, Kailer Yamamoto has made an impact. He is much more NHL-ready today than he was when the previous regime tried to rush him…



Leadership can take many forms and can come from any place on the roster, but it almost always translates better when it’s provided by the best players on the team. That’s what happened with the Edmonton Oilers when Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl showed up at the rink Sunday fresh from the NHL All-Star game…


At Random: About Connor

Like many of you, I consider Edmonton Oilers’ captain Connor McDavid the best player on the planet. For me, it’s not even close. Like many of you, I had absolutely no idea how serious the injury he suffered to his left knee in the final game of last season was until word began to trickle…


The Swing

The Edmonton Oilers have been up and down more times than an express elevator in a downtown office tower so far this season, and it’s no surprise the emotions of a passionate fan base have been along for the ride for every one of the games they’ve played. That’s just how it goes around here.


Dirt With Dirt

I started working in Edmonton in July of 2009 and it didn’t take long for me to get a taste of what the Battle of Alberta was all about. Let’s flash back to the beginning of the ’09 season: the Oilers faced the Flames on October 3rd and again six days later on the 9th,…


The Post All-Star Push

All-Star weekend has come and gone, a double dose of the Battle of Alberta is just around the corner, what a way to get back in the swing of things. 


Mr. Holland’s Assets

The race in the Western Conference is ridiculously tight right now and with the trade deadline now just over a month away I’m very interested to see which team blinks first. If I was a betting man, I’d expect the Calgary Flames and Winnipeg Jets to be the most active of the four Canadian clubs…


Monday Mailbag – Looking Ahead at the Trade Deadline

Welcome, dear friends, to a fresh edition of the mailbag where our writers take a moment out of their weekend getaways to share a little bit of wisdom with you about all things Edmonton Oilers. As we do every week, we’re back with another round of questions and answers to help you get through your…


Monday Mailbag – Expectations for the next BOA

Would you look at that? Another week is in the books and that means we’re seven days closer to the start of a new season, and for that I’m grateful. This week, we look at the Kassian/Tkachuk shenanigans, Caleb Jones’ contract, the All-Star break, and a whole lot more. If you have a question for…


GDB Game Notes: Battle of Alberta – The Rematch

Tonight’s the night. Two weeks after the events of Zack Kassian vs. The Turtle in which the Flames escaped with a 4-3 victory over the Oilers in Calgary, we have The Rematch in Edmonton. It’s the most anticipated Battle of Alberta in years.


The Road Ahead

The Oilers hold their destiny in their own hands. They don’t have to scoreboard watch or worry about anybody else losing. They’re in a playoff spot right now and simply playing well down the stretch will get them into the big dance come April.



As the 2018/19 season ends for the Edmonton Oilers it might be worth taking a moment and discussing something that has been talked about a lot of late — the culture of the Edmonton Oilers and what it means to be an Oiler.


Saying goodbye to the Nation

Just under four years ago, I started my first day working at Nation HQ as a part-time intern. The day was just five days away from when the Edmonton Oilers would select Connor McDavid first overall in the NHL entry draft, and our lives would change forever.


LAING: Settling the score

Tomorrow night is one of those kinds of nights that could have a long-standing impact on the National Hockey League. In one corner, you have the Edmonton Oilers and Zack Kassian. The other, the Calgary Flames and Matthew Tkachuk.


GDB 40.0 Wrap-Up: Koskinen Comes up just short in 4-2 Christmas Heartbreaker

Mikko Koskinen did his absolute darndest to give the Edmonton Oilers their shot to potentially head into the holiday break first in the Pacific Division. Some unlucky bounces, a controversial goal, and a deflated third period worked against his best efforts, though. So although the Oilers got themselves off to a fairly nice start against…


GDB 31.0 Wrap-Up: Back on Top (Oilers 2, Kings 1)

Well, well, well. Good to be back on top, isn’t it? The Edmonton Oilers briefly slipped from their spot atop the Pacific Division on Thursday and through most of the day on Friday, getting temporarily usurped by the Arizona Coyotes (2015 seems to far away!) to look down upon [most of] the rest of the…


GDB 41.0 Wrap Up: Oilers DoA in the first BoA of the season

How is this the first Battle of Alberta of the season? The Oilers awake from their post-holidays slumber to face the Calgary Flames for the first time this season. It’s strange to have the first Battle of Alberta so late in the season, but these games are even more important with both teams in the…


Mikko Koskinen deserves the starter’s reins

Mikko Koskinen and Mike Smith performed well in a platoon capacity to start the season. Splitting games in both October and November, Koskinen and Smith were excellent early on. While Smith’s November wasn’t as strong, Koskinen continuing his strong play. Smith only had three games above a .870 save percentage in his seven appearances in…