Monday Musings: Tavares, Smith, 2018 Draft and Development

Draft week is here. This is one of the best weeks on the NHL calendar. Watching young men see their dream of being drafted realized is awesome. These kids put in so much hard work to have their name called, and many who don’t have their name called will continue to work hard to one…


Love the Drake, Hate the Drake

The Drake was a mutual friend of Jerry, Kramer, Elaine and George in the greatest sitcom, Seinfeld. We were first introduced to him when JKEG decided to buy him and his fiancée a big screen TV for their engagement party. Very quickly after giving them the TV, the Drake announced they split up and now…


Don’t trade the #10 pick

With one playoff appearance in twelve years for the Edmonton Oilers organization, and only one appearance in three years for Peter Chiarelli, Todd McLellan and the rest of the current regime, there could be some internal pressure to try and improve the roster immediately, and dangling the 10th overall pick to acquire an NHL ready…


Bob McKenzie: The List

For me, whether it was in the days when I was up to my eyeballs covering the Edmonton Oilers with the dailies or now, when I’m sitting at my kitchen table more than an arm’s length away from those truly in the know, Bob McKenzie’s final NHL draft ranking list has always set the standard…


At 10: Ty Smith

If Ty Smith remains on the board when the Edmonton Oilers walk to the podium with the 10th selection at the 2018 NHL Entry Draft in Dallas and fellow blueliners Quinton Hughes, Noah Dobson and Evan Bouchard have been taken, is he their man? Does Keith Gretzky and the members of his amateur scouting staff…


At 10: Barrett Hayton

There will be prospects with more flash and dash on the board when the Edmonton Oilers pick 10th overall at the 2018 NHL Entry Draft in Dallas. If sick offensive skills and numbers are your thing, Barrett Hayton isn’t an obvious choice. What Hayton looks like, however, is the kind of smart, two-way centre who…


Oilers History: Pisani’s OT Winner

It was on this day in Oilers history that Fernando Pisani scored one of the most iconic goals in recent memory after he went bar down on Cam Ward, winning Game 5 with a shorthanded snipe. During the ’06 Cup run, everything seemed to be going right for Fernando Pisani and it was incredible to…


UFA Profile: Is a Patrick Maroon reunion possible?

To the surprise of everyone, the Oilers were sellers at last year’s trade deadline. Part of their sale at the deadline involved dealing Patrick Maroon to the New Jersey Devils for a third-round pick. It’s no secret that Maroon enjoyed his time in Edmonton and was a great fit with the team. Is it possible…


NHL’s buyout period begins tonight

The National Hockey League’s annual buyout window is set to open tonight at 12:01 ET. It will run until June 30th at 5:00 p.m. EST. During that time span, teams can buy-out a player by paying him two-thirds of the remaining value of a contract over twice the remaining length of the contract.


WWYDT: Trade up, down, or stay at No. 10?

I know, I know. It’s supposed to be What Would You Do Wednesday. But sometimes in the lovely, sunny confines of Riverdale with the birds chirping and Family Feud on the TV, we completely forget what day it is. So here we are! What Would You Do Wednesday Thursday Edition!  The draft is right around the…


Looking back at Strome’s season

At the beginning of the season, I thought the expectations that the team and many fans were placing on Ryan Strome were unrealistically high. He played all 82 Oiler games this year and now we have a chance to review what he accomplished and try to project moving forward.


Puljujarvi to the Top Six

Based on the lines from practice, the Oilers — after 80 games — have finally decided on letting Puljujarvi get another taste of the top six. I know what you’re thinking: “What if this kid blows it for the Oilers in these critical games?” I’m here to rest your mind at ease.


Loving Auvitu

Listen, I don’t know if I like him because he’s a little bit wild or because his fancy stats stand out to me — it’s probably both — but I would love to see Yohann Auvitu back with the Oilers next year as their seventh defenseman.


The sky is falling vol. 15035

There is always one person on the rollercoaster that gets to the end of the ride and says, “That’s all there is?” For as long as there have been ups there have been downs and there are always people who are going to bitch and complain right to a Stanley Cup win, then immediately start…


The Era of Squeee is Over

With news that Jordan Eberle was traded to the New York Islanders today for Ryan Strome a chapter of the Edmonton Oilers Hockey Club book has officially closed. The era of Squee is over.


Maroon talks everything Edmonton in podcast interview

Patrick Maroon sat down on the Absolutely Unsure Podcast last week to discuss all things hockey and life. Even though Maroon doesn’t play for the Oilers, he still has a place close to my heart. A ton of the interview was Oilers related so I’m here to fill you all in!


The 2nd annual Oilersnation Open presented by ATB Financial

A golf tournament was something we always had on the bucket list, but we never really had the chance to put one together. Last summer, we decided to finally give it a go with our Inaugural Oilersnation Open and it ended up being a huge success! Everyone had a great time, the drinks were flowing,…


Will Andrej Sekera rebound?

It’s now been 13 months since Andrej Sekera tore his ACL during game five of the 2017 playoffs when he-man Ryan Getzlaf crashed him into the boards. The hit was innocuous seemingly just a routine finishing of a check. Sekera went on to miss a large chunk of the Oilers past season and ended up…


Have faith in Strome

Peter Chiarelli made a bad trade a year ago by trading perennial 50-60 point man Jordan Eberle for Ryan Strome. Why was it bad? Well, the Oilers had hoped that Strome would step up and put up point like Eberle did. On top of that, the cap space cleared was used to sign Kris Russell…


Manufacturing a Milan Lucic move

Milan Lucic had a bad year. We know it, you know it, the team knows it, and he sure knows it. He put up a mere 34 points playing in 82 games — the worst offensive season he had since his rookie season including a 29-game goalless stretch. With five years left on a deal paying him…


GDB 82.0: A somber farewell to the 2017-18 season

In Game 82 of the 2017-18 Edmonton Oilers season, the ending was bittersweet. With a 3-2 shootout win over the Vancouver Canucks in the final seconds of the season, the beleaguered Oil managed to end on a somewhat high note. They scored two goals in regulation, both earning points for Connor McDavid to earn him…


In Search of the Real Milan Lucic

Most interviews with hockey players, and really all pro athletes in North America, are immediately forgettable. The player says little of substance, usually throws in a cliché or two, and the whole things is over relatively quickly, and wiped from my memory shortly thereafter. There are exceptions to this obviously, but nine times out of…


Spend the money and find this year’s Kris Russell

Yesterday morning I stepped outside to light my barbeque and begin my preparations for the Eskimos annual Labour Day game in Calgary (for me the barbeque was the best part of the day), and I noticed that it didn’t feel like summer anymore. That I was barefoot and standing on concrete helped drive the point…


Can the Oilers even move Milan Lucic’s contract?

Milan Lucic is a useful player on a bad contract. His seven-year $42-million deal was a curious choice from the start, but Lucic had a decent track record and in theory, the Oilers could get a few productive years before it truly became an anchor contract. That time has come far earlier. Both the Oilers…


The Oilers should keep their first round pick

On Saturday night, the Edmonton Oilers fell one spot in the 2018 draft to 10th overall. They should resist trading the pick. It’s easy to see why the Oilers would trade their first: they need to upgrade on defence and the wing, they have few tradeable assets, and their first round pick won’t play immediately…