Around the NHL: Panthers and Hurricanes get out to 2-0 leads, Stars and Kraken locked at 1-1

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Ryley Delaney
1 year ago
Every playoff team has played two games in round two, so let’s look at where the four series stand…

The Oilers and the Golden Knights are tied at 1-1:

The Oilers (minus Leon Draisaitl) had a rather lacklustre performance in the first game of the series. Although they scored 4 goals (and by they, I mean Draisaitl), they allowed five and an empty netter. It just seemed like the Oilers were chasing the entire game, because after tying the game at three early in the third, they allowed two goals in quick succession. However, Edmonton never win Game 1, so this was to be expected.
Game 2 was a different story. I missed this one as I was at an Atlético Ottawa game, but you can be sure I was glued to The Score app on my phone. Edmonton had a flurry of goals in the first period as they put four on the board. Overall, Connor McDavid had two, Draisaitl had two, and Evan Bouchard had a power play goal.
There were also some post-whistle festivities, as Evander Kane landed some big body blows to Keegan Kolesar after some slashes from the Golden Knights. I bring this up because A) there was a severe lack of scrums in the Los Angeles series, and B) Kane’s post-game presser quote was a thing of beauty.
Game 3 shifts to Edmonton on Monday at 6:30 PM MT. As I’ve said before, I think this will be similar to the Calgary Flames series in 2022. Edmonton in five, maybe six.

The Stars and the Kraken are tied at 1-1:

There is an opportunity for the two most recent expansion teams to play in the Western Conference Finals, something that is absolutely disturbing.
With that being said, Dallas lost Game 1, and so did Edmonton. Dallas won Game 2, and so did Edmonton. I’m at the point where I legitimately feel comfortable saying that “Edmonton is winning this game” if Dallas won the night before.
Dallas and Seattle play the night game at 7:30 PM MT on Sunday.

The Panthers lead the Maple Leafs 2-0:

Are the Florida Panthers the team of destiny this season? What I mean by that is that although not being very good in the regular season, they somehow find a spark of brilliance in the playoffs that gives them a deep run.
It’s also funny that the Leafs are already down 2-0 in the series after playing at home, but I’d expect them to at least take a game in Sunrise, Florida. Perhaps they will even the series at two games apiece, similar to the New Jersey and New York series in round one.
It would be quite funny if the Leafs lost to the Panthers though. Game 3 takes place on Sunday at 4:30 PM MT.

The Hurricanes lead the Devils 2-0:

Could you imagine an Eastern Conference Finals between the Carolina Hurricanes and the Florida Panthers? Well, both teams are just two wins away from a ratings nightmare.
The league desperately needs one of the Oilers or Maple Leafs (or both) to advance to the Conference Finals. While it’d be funny to see Carolina and Florida in one Conference Final, while Seattle and Vegas are in the other one, I can’t imagine many people would be interested in that.
While Toronto may have some pushback against the Panthers, even if they are away for the next two games, I don’t think the New Jersey Devils will have that luck. They’ve scored just two goals to Carolina’s 11 in two games. No goaltender, no defence, and no scoring seems to be the Devils’ problem.
Game 3 of the series shifts to the Prudential Center, which hosted UFC 288 on Saturday evening. A rematch of the 2006 Stanley Cup Final is a possibility.

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