Oilersnation Radio Episode 183 – Stress down the stretch, Oilers’ special teams, and Josh Archibald’s return

1 year ago
It’s Friday afternoon and that means we’re hitting you with a brand new episode of Oilersnation Radio to help you finish off what’s left of your week with an hour of all things Edmonton Oilers. On today’s show, we looked at the Oilers’ spot in the playoff race, a tough schedule ahead, the trade deadline, and a whole lot more.
Kicking off this week’s podcast, we got started with some fearless predictions about how the Pacific Division standings will play out by the end of the year. Will the Oilers make the playoffs? Will they slide into a wildcard spot? That guessing game led us into a conversation about whether it’s right to cheer for other teams to lose, or if we should consider karma when heading down the stretch. Speaking of the stretch run, we looked at what’s coming for the Oilers over the next couple of weeks and talked about how many points these need to get from these games. We also looked at some of the news that’s happened with the Oilers over the past week as the team is starting to have some guys get healthy again for the first time in quite a while. Lastly, we wrapped up this week’s podcast with another round of Ask the Idiots and Hot and Cold performers to recap what was a very busy week here in Edmonton.
Listen to this week’s podcast below:
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