In episode 12 we had a special last minute guest. Wanye’s compound in Mexico was in lock down, his Internet was down and he wasn’t available. So Struds and I started out discussing hockey and then we were joined by former Aussie Rules Footballer Josh Brown, who is currently residing in Edmonton and working for The Nation.
Brown was a beauty, and outside of his great Aussie accent he educated us on Aussie Rules Football and shocked Struds when he explained The Squirrel Grab.
Struds and I began discussing his upcoming trip to Hong Kong. Struds was invited there as a hockey instructor. Why was he the former NHLer the people of Hong Kong invited over? Struds explains.
Then Struds had some words of advice for Flames forward Johnny Gaudreau. Struds was fired up.
After the break, Brown joined us on the Podcast and he crushed. Telling some great stories, explaining AFL, tactics, some unconventional grabs (Squirrel) and how he’s become a huge NHL fan.
We also learned today is Australia Day. So happy Australia Day to all of our Aussie readers and to Brown. He will celebrating tonight at the Pint downtown if you want to taste some Aussie delicacies and watch the Oilers game.
Have a listen and I’m curious if any of you have done the “Squirrel Grab.”
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