Welcome, citizens, to a brand new episode of the Real Life Podcast! This week, the boys had plenty of Oilers news to cover as the team made changes in their management and communications departments, so they tried their best to stay on topic. As you’d expect, things quickly fell off the rails.
To start off the show, the boys got into the Edmonton Oilers and the latest round of firings that happened over the past week. With Craig MacTavish taking a coaching gig in the KHL, the boys started to take a walk down memory lane for the former Oilers’ player and bench boss before quickly being sidetracked with a 10-minute discussion on Vladimir Putin’s hockey prowess. We’re sure you’ve seen the clip of Putin scoring eight goals in a hockey game and the boys tried to figure out how that all came about. After getting the show back on the rails, the guys finished up their first Oilers segment of the hour with a look at Duane Sutter’s departure from the pro-scouting department as well that of longtime communications director J.J. Hebert. Getting off of hockey for a few minutes, Natalie Portman recently took a shot at Moby for including her name in his new book and Wanye told the story of a young man that was once obsessed with the actress. How far did the obsession go? You’ll have to hear to believe it. Lastly, the fellas got back to the Oilers with a look at Leon Draisaitl’s exemplary play at the World Championships as well as trying to figure out what kind of role would best suit Ken Hitchcock.
Listen to this week’s podcast below:
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