It’s a brisk Monday afternoon here in Edmonton but your day is about to get a whole lot better now that there’s a fresh episode of the Real Life Podcast in the books to help you get through the week. On today’s show, the guys covered the Oilers’ current winning streak, previewed the upcoming week against the Habs, and a whole lot more.
To start off the Monday episode of Real Life, the boys jumped in with a look at the last week for the Edmonton Oilers and how they’ve been finding different ways to win hockey games. Whether it was a blowout game as we saw against the Flames or a defensive lockdown effort as we saw against the Jets, the Oilers have really turned their season around after starting the year with a 3-6 record. From there, the boys played Would You Rather with Tyler after listeners submitted some of the strangest possible ‘this or that’ style of questions they could possibly come up with. Lastly, the guys wrapped up the Monday episode of Real Life with a brand new listener profile from what certainly seemed like a very unlikely location.
Listen to the Monday episode of Real Life below:
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