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The Capilano Rehab Injury report: Chiasson returning, Russell close, and Jones reaping the benefits

Alright, we’ve finally got some good news on the injury front. This type of news doesn’t come often so let’s soak it all in. After having a very jam-packed injury report over the last few weeks, guys are starting to become healthy again and our forward and defensive depth is getting a bit stronger.

Let’s break it down:

Kailer Yamamoto

Kailer Yamamoto is back to being day-to-day due to an upper-body injury. If you remember, he missed a few games down with the Bakersfield Condors due to an undisclosed injury. After coming back to the AHL lineup, he then got called up to the big leagues where he played one game for us. Just a short time later he has been shelved again due to the upper-body injury.

It’s unknown whether or not this is related to his injury from Bakersfield, but I’m going to take a wild guess and assume it is. Yamamoto isn’t currently skating in practice and it’s unknown when we can expect him back in the lineup. It’s also fair to assume that Oilers management expected him not to be healthy here in Edmonton and just called him up so he can watch and learn the game from the press box. Not to mention he’s getting paid like a pro at the moment so I”m sure Kailer’s not minding his time spent right now.

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Alex Chiasson

Obviously, the Oilers have had their struggles with forward depth over the last month and that stems a little bit from the injury of Alex Chiasson. Chiasson has been out of the lineup for a few games after taking a slapshot to the knee. For a while now it’s been said that he’s close to returning to the team, but I think the day is FINALLY here. Chiasson is expected to play today and I couldn’t be happier. He has been skating with the team for a while and must have gotten some good news from his MRI. Here’s hoping he can continue with the scoring pace he had before his injury, and we can win some games with him in the lineup.

Kris Russell

Kris Russell hasn’t played a game since December 11 and he’s very close to returning as well. There hasn’t been a word said about his injury throughout the whole month of December so unfortunately, I can’t talk specifics about it. I can say with confidence that there was a chance we saw him in the lineup last Monday on December 31st. Yes, it’s been a few days so there must have been a delay. However, I’m still hoping to see him come back this weekend at some point. Our defence has been a garbage fire with all these injuries so Russell’s return will be well-needed.

Oscar Klefbom

Speaking of a garbage-fire defence, the return of Oscar Klefbom couldn’t come sooner. Unfortunately, he’s not due to return for another few weeks after he had surgery to repair a broken finger from blocking a shot. Klefbom has been rocking a cast this whole time and I really hope the boys have been sharpie-ing in some nice messages on there for him. Signing other kids casts in elementary school used to be the best thing.

Andrej Sekera

Last week there was some murmuring about an Andrej Sekera return and the team making plans for him to go down to Bakersfield for a conditioning stint. Honestly, I don’t really think a lot of people know when he’ll make his way back to the lineup. I’m not getting my hopes up on anything in the next month as these things often take longer than expected. When Reggie does return, will he even be close to the Sekera we saw in previous years?

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The only positive to come out of all these defensive injuries is the emergence of Caleb Jones. In unfortunate circumstances, the prime time to show your skill for a young prospect like Jones is when guys at the NHL level get injured. That’s exactly what’s happening in Edmonton and Jones is soaking up every second of it. He’s looking more confident out there every game and is beginning to earn the trust of Hitchcock, averaging 17 minutes of ice time in his time up here. I’m curious to see what happens to our defence when Sekera, Klefbom, and Russell all return.

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This in-depth injury analysis is brought to you by the Capilano Rehab Centre

If you’re in some need of some good, friendly physiotherapy services you can call them at (780) 466-1104 or visit their website!

This in-depth injury analysis is brought to you by the Capilano Rehab Centre

If you’re in some need of some good, friendly physiotherapy services you can call them at (780) 466-1104 or visit their website!

  • lee

    When you add up how many games Sekera, Souray, Ference and Whitney missed playing because of injuries, I guess when it comes to injuries, no one does it like the Oiler’s.
    The last 2 years of Ferences contract he was hurt but was doing Iron man competitions while making the big bucks. Who wouldn’t want guaranteed contracts.
    In the next round of CBA talks the league should insist that you can send down a player who isn’t playing well with out putting him on waivers. And when he goes down his cap money is taken off the books. He still gets paid, so what’s the harm.
    And lastly, if a player is drafted in the top 20 he should be allowed to play in the AHL instead of going back to juniors.
    This would be a start to fixing what needs fixing.

  • Randaman

    Leave Sekera on LTIR, even if he doesn’t like it. Let the kid (Jones) keep learning on the go. He seems to be one of those cerebral players that can handle the speed. Yes, he will make mistakes but no more than Nurse or Manning or ….

  • OriginalPouzar

    I’m pumped for the Sekera return. Nope, we don’t know how effective he will be vis-a-vis his previous levels but we do know that he is another year removed from the knee injury and that should be fully recovered (when we last saw him, he was 6-8 months from the normal full recovery time from major knee surgery and was wearing the mobility reducing brace, etc.).

    Coming back from an achillies tear (not rupture) has proven to be much less material than the major knee surgery and most players can step back in to previous levels very quickly (that is not the case with the knee ligament surgery).

    The back to back is concerning but this is a very good hockey player and it is likely that we are getting at least a solid 2nd pairing d-man for zero acquisition cost.

    As an aside, the league has shown to be investigating LTIR placement issues more and more and, as we all know, once the player is deemed ready, the team must activate them and, no, Reggie will not just bite his lip and sit out the season when he’s ready to go – we know he wants to play and resume his career – he’s not that old, early 30s.

    Go Reggie!