Nation Real Life Episode 145 – Are the Edmonton Oilers for real?

A new week means a new episode of the Real Life Podcast, and today’s edition is jam-packed with all of the auditory stimulation you could ever hope to sink in your ear holes. This week, the boys touch on the Oilers’ tough week, new line combinations leading up to tonight’s game against the Red Wings, World Series shenanigans, and a whole lot more.

To start off today’s podcast, the guys dive in with a look at whether or not the Oilers are any different than they were last year. If you’ll recall, last year’s team got off to a 6-3-1 start under Todd McLellan before the wheels completely fell off, and Tyler Yaremchuk wanted to know if we’re destined for the same fate. One difference everyone has noticed so far is that the Oilers seem to be playing for each other a lot more than we’ve seen in the past, a stark contrast from what’s happening in Toronto right now. From there, the guys came up with the solutions the Oilers need if they’re going to get more scoring out of their bottom six. Obviously, there are a lot of guys struggling in the bottom half of the lineup right now and that’s a problem that desperately needs to be solved if the Oilers are going to maintain pace in the Western Conference. From there, the boys touched on a thread that’s up on Reddit today where many users have issues about all facets of the website. It goes without saying that the guys want to put out the best product possible but also felt like it was important to explain what’s happening from a Network perspective, including the ads that are up on the site, how they get there, and whether or not they’ll be sticking around. Lastly, the episode was finished up with a look around the world of sports, including the world series, product placement in sports, and a couple of ladies that broke the Internet at a Nationals game this past week.

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Listen to this week’s podcast below:

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