Oilers reveal Jack Campbell’s new goalie mask and pads

I have good news for all of you goalie nerds out there as the Oilers have finally given us a look at Jack Campbell’s new mask design that he’ll be rocking with his new club. I know you’ve been waiting patiently, so let’s have a look at what’s doing.

Seeing as I’ve been pumping the blue and orange jerseys coming back since the announcement was made, I already knew that I would be pumped to see Jack Campbell’s new setup whenever it finally came out. And as hoped, our new man is going to look mighty fine in this blue and orange lid that features clean lines and logo painted on the side of the helmet. From where I blog, I think Campbell’s new helmet is simple, clean, and sexy, and I cannot wait to watch him do his thing in his first season with the mighty Oil. Look good, feel good, amirite?

As for the pads? Tom Gazzola to the rescue!

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I don’t know about you fine folks, but I’m a big fan of white goalie pads — I think they look very sharp until pucks inevitably ruin that polish — and I was pumped to see that Soup was keeping it simple here too. For me, this is a classic look for a goalie that we’re all hoping will come in and stabilize the position, and even though I absolutely know that the look of his goalie equipment will have no bearing on what happens in net, I do appreciate that he’s going to look fantastic regardless of the results. Put another way, I’m claiming a small victory here and now for the guy before he’s even played a single minute and if that’s not a nice little dose of positivity to kick start your week then I don’t know what is.