Baggedmilk on #theLOCKERROOM: Getting back into Kool-Aid season

1 year ago
Happy Wednesday, Internet friends, and welcome to yet another chapter of your ol’ pal Baggedmilk’s adventures in radio. As I do every week, I jumped on the air with the boys on The Locker Room for a quick segment to talk about the Oilers while also offering my takes on anything else that’s going on in the world.
To kick off this week’s appearance, we jumped in with a look at the trade that sent Ethan Bear to Carolina in exchange for Warren Foegele. Personally, this trade hurt because I absolutely loved Ethan Bear as an Oiler, but at the same time, I am genuinely excited to see what Foegele can bring to the lineup. From there, we jumped into what it takes to get yourself ready for another Edmonton Oilers season after what was undoubtedly a disappointing end. Now that we’re into August, I find myself getting ready for Kool-Aid season again and it’s almost amazing how we’re always ready to get hurt again as a fanbase. Lastly, we wrapped up this week’s segment with a chat about the Oilers’ goaltending, but what we didn’t know is which goalie everyone was talking/asking about.
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