Oilersnation Radio Episode 201 – Oilers vs. Avalanche Series Preview

2 years ago
How about another fresh episode of Oilersnation Radio to look ahead to the Western Conference Finals that kicks off tonight in Denver? Isn’t it wonderful? On today’s show, we talked about what to expect from the Colorado Avalanche, what the Oilers need to do to win this series, and a whole lot more.
To kick off the Friday episode of Oilersnation Radio, the guys got started with a conversation about the biggest keys to victory for the Edmonton Oilers, and specifically what they need to do to get past the Colorado Avalanche. Whether it’s Schmiddy battling in net to finding goals from throughout the roster, the Oilers will need everyone working together if they’re going to get this job done. From there we looked at the Oilers playing with house money as no one could have ever imagined the boys getting this far in the post-season, and whether or not they’ll be able to embrace the underdog mentality just as they did against the Flames. Seeing as we all know the Avalanche are better than the Flames, there’s little doubt that this series will be a massive challenge for the Oilers to clear, and for all of us, finding a way to split the games in Colorado was an absolute must. Lastly, we wrapped up the Tuesday episode of Oilersnation Radio with a quick look at the Rangers and Lightning as well as another round of Ask the Idiots and Hot and Cold performers.
Listen to the Tuesday episode of ON Radio:
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