Photo Credit: Mark Williams

Oilers recall Ellis ahead of game three

This afternoon, the Oilers recalled Nick Ellis from the Bakersfield Condors.

Following a 3-2 win over San Jose’s AHL team last night, the Oilers made the move to bring in a third goaltender. While the move is nothing more than a chance to get Ellis a look at what it’s like in a playoff atmosphere, it’s nice to have some more assurance.

Ellis had a strong season for the Condors, where in the 34 games he played he posted a 2.69 GAA and a .918 sv%. Those are solid numbers and rival those of Laurent Brossoit’s first full season as an AHL starter.

He also posted 16-12-1 record and one shutout.

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At the time of writing, the Oilers have opted to not recall Jesse Puljujarvi from the Condors. I can’t think of a logical reason as to why they wouldn’t do so at this point in time – after all, the Condors season ended last night.

Even if he weren’t to play in a game, one would think that they would like to have the young man around the team.

Puljujarvi lit up the AHL scoring 12 goals and 16 assists for 28 points in 39 games played.

According to Darren Dreger, who has been covering the Oilers through the playoffs, it is expected that Puljujarvi and others would be called up in the days ahead.

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The Oilers are set to play game three against the San Jose Sharks tonight in San Jose.

  • Aussie Oil

    So is it just me or is 28 points in 39 AHL games not really that great? There’s other guys on that team that post better numbers than that and can’t make it in the NHL. I haven’t watched any of the games so maybe he’s really tearing it up down there defensively or whatever, but honestly expected a bit better numbers from such a high profile prospect.

    • Dwayne Roloson 35

      The kid is still only 18 years old. Most 18 year olds are still playing junior hockey. Oil fans tend to hype up prospects a bit too much as well. People have said that he’s the next Kurri(20th all time for pts in the NHL) based solely on the fact that they’re both Finnish.

      Big players tend to develop slower as well while they grow into their frame. He could end up being just a solid 50 point winger with size which isn’t a bad thing. He’s already got a pretty lethal wrister and it’ll get better when he puts some muscle on.

      • Rich

        Everyone keeps looking at his points. There is so much more to being an NHL player than points. JP was completely invisible on the ice last night. He does not back check. His turnovers are more than his points. Yes he has talent but he needs MUCH more time in the NHL. Rush him and you end up with another Yak. I just wish bloggers paid attention to more than just points.

    • Ronr68

      He’s 18 playing against men. He’s also got to learn the N.A. game and English. The only mistake I saw was burning a year of his ELC when it was obvious he wasn’t going to stick with the team.

    • MacT's Neglected Helmet

      28 points in 39 games is okay. Not great. Not bad. He had a slow start. He went on a nice run after Lander returned. And then he cooled off at the end. Apparently, he shot the puck a lot which is a good sign (especially if the plan is to one day play him with McDavid).

      Unfortunately, we still don’t really know what type of player he is. Will he explode and turn into a Leon Draisaitl? Or is he more of a defensive player? In this respect, it’s a bit of a wasted year. Chiarelli can’t really pencil him into our top 6 for next year and that will affect the moves made this summer (e.g. less likely that Eberle is traded).

  • Makaveli

    I can think of one logical reason NOT to recall Puljujarvi. Which right winger would he replace in your top 9? Surely not Leon, Eberle is playing ok and kassian is a man possessed. What would be the point in having him play on the 4th line?

  • oilredemption

    One reason I could see is if they want him to go to Germany to play in the world championships. I mean it wouldn’t make much sense if God forbid one player from the top 6 went down unless a player could be pulled from overseas but still that sounds like a headache. Only thing that seemed logical to me…. He might be home sick and want to go back to Europe for a bit.

  • Dobbler

    There could just be personal reasons why they are delaying the call up by a day or two. If they know they’re not going to play him, maybe he just needs a few days for something outside of his hockey career.

  • Reinman

    If I was Las Vegas, I think I would take Brossoit from the Oilers, and then one of Pittsburgh’s goalies as their starter. If Pittsburgh doesn’t trade one of them first. I was looking at the expansion draft last night, and one of the issues Las Vegas is going to have is if they pick bonifide NHLers, they will likely have to sign a lot of them as UFA in the next couple of years. The only other options tend to be guys that are trending up, but not quite there yet. Guys like Brossoit, Paajarvi, Brandon Davidson etc. I think it makes sense for them to draft cheaper RFA’s with upside to keep their salary low, and then try and poach a couple of high priced free agents. In either case, it will be hard for them to attract free agents, or keep them after the next season or 2 if they are not RFA. They should let Las Vegas pick the top 3 prospects this year at the draft. Sorry Colorado.

  • The older I get, the better I was...

    Calling up the 3rd goalie makes sense. They need their forwards to get solid practice shooting/scoring but Talbot doesn’t need to spend time as a shooter tutor. Giving Ellis and Brossoit reps in that role will be good for their development.