Real Life Podcast Episode 229 – “Shout out to Brown Bear”

Even though it’s tough to head back to work after a weekend spent relaxing, the good news is that Monday also means a fresh episode of the Real Life Podcast is here to get your week started on the right foot.

To kick off today’s podcast, the guys got started with a look at some of the latest reviews that came in through Apple Podcasts. As usual, the guys didn’t get too far into that topic before the podcast fell off the rails, leading to everyone offering up some advice in response to one of the questions posed in this morning’s mailbag. If you missed it, Tanner asked for everyone’s advice on how to make it work with his girlfriend after moving in with her at the beginning of the month. Naturally, the guys had wonderful advice for the young man. Back to hockey, the listeners sent in a bunch of Oilers questions and the guys summoned all of their worldly wisdom to hand out the best-damned advice that anyone could have ever hoped for. Lastly, the guys wrapped up the Monday episode of Real Life with a discussion about business dreams and ideas that they’d love to achieve, which then led Chalmers into a story about not understanding how delivery apps work.

Listen to the Monday episode of Real Life below:

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