The Real Life Podcast Ep. 373 — Oilers clinch, Hart Trophy betting, and Playoff Preparation

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Real Life Podcast
2 years ago
A new week is here and that means the gang from the Real Life Podcast is back with a brand new episode to help you get through what’s left of your Monday. On today’s podcast, the guys looked at the Oilers locking in their playoff spot, betting on the Hart Trophy, and a whole lot more.
To kick things off, the guys got the podcast started with a conversation about the NHL playoffs after the Oilers clinched their spot on Friday night with a huge win over the Colorado Avalanche. For Baggedmilk and Wanye — two guys that have been very careful over the last couple of years — the decision became whether or not it’s worth the risk to go to the games. For everyone to a man, the answer is yes. From there, we looked at Connor McDavid’s dash for the Art Ross Trophy as the Edmonton captain has once again gone supernova down the stretch. The question became, however, whether or not he’ll be able to pass what has already been a career year for the first overall pick from 2015. Getting back to the team, the boys discussed the playoffs that are set to kick off next week and who we would start in net for game one. Is Mike Smith the defacto starter? Lastly, the podcast changed gears and the guys discussed the news that Elon Musk had purchased Twitter this morning. Will he make drastic changes? Will everything stay the same?
Listen to the Monday episode of Real Life below:
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